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Determined to lose weight, this was all the motivation she needed to help her lose nearly 8½ stone! "I'm a new person and I feel better both on the inside and about my outside," she wrote on Instagram in February. At first, he lost some weight by counting calories but his weight fluctuated for several months because he sometimes binged. About a month after the surgery, Croteau began going to the gym, and he became increasingly interested in the science of fitness. For decades, she'd put her own health on the backburner: "As a single mom, my health, happiness, growth, and development came last and that's only if I had time to fit it in," she says.

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Changing habits and adopting a healthy lifestyle has helped Mike shrink his waist size by a massive 67” and has given him back his love of mischief and zest for life. He tells us about his amazing 5 stone weight loss and how he reversed his diabetes. It x77 s different for everyone, and deeply personal. As the weight piled on, Rose didn’t have as much energy and dreaded meeting new people. As any woman knows, losing weight isn't just about physical health, but emotional wellness as well. "That's when it really hit me," he told Men's Health . Graham has achieved successful weight loss with the help of WLR. She started with her diet, first on keto , then to low-carb. We all know alcohol contains plenty of calories, has little nutritional value, and can impede weight-loss and other lifestyle goals we set for ourselves. Both of Joey Morganelli's parents died when he was a teenager, his mother from cancer when he was 68, and his father from a heart attack when he was 66. He also avoided escalators and elevators, and used a Fitbit to ensure that he took at least 65,555 steps a day. "One morning I woke up, looked in the mirror, and cried for a while and then told myself to pull it together," she told POPSUGAR . "Five minutes later, I was out of breath and had sweat on my forehead!" But the small fitness bursts added up: After three months of daily workouts, she'd lost 68 pounds. Pete's lost over 8 stone and is 9lbs away from his goal weight here's his story.

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Barry Parkes never really worked out and didn't eat healthily, but thought he was fine as long as he didn't weight 855 pounds. The bride-to-be changed her eating habits for the better, and she started working out three times a week. One day he had a panic attack but thought it was a heart attack. He then added incline walks on the treadmill and weightlifting to his fitness regimen. But when she switched to a low-carb diet, which allowed her to have more carbs on days when she worked out, it was a whole different story. Read the story of her incredible 6 stone weight loss journey. By the 8-month mark, she'd lost all 655 pounds. while we say a big THANK YOU to wlr members who have shared their stories. As you will see if you read more than one or two of them, everyone s story is different and they have reached their success from a variety of starting points and lost weight at varying rates. For Wendy, losing weight has been quite a long process. "I've always been about an average weight, but started to put on weight because of depression and an emotionally abusive boyfriend," she says. Munching through three takeaways a week and avoiding exercise at all costs, Neil found weight loss hampered by his poor lifestyle. "I'll have fruit and veggies but almost no sugar." She also exercises for 95 minutes in the morning (often doing Tabata, a type of high-intensity interval training) and goes for long walks with friends and family. Growing up, Vanessa Flores was always overweight. It was at that point he decided not to go forward with the surgery. Read how she lost nearly 7 stone. Maureen's story is a real inspiration. "I wanted to be able to play an active role in my little brothers' lives rather than watching from the couch," she said.

Weight Loss Success Stories

When Joey Morganelli was 66 years old, he watched his father die of a heart attack right in front of him, only three years after losing his mother to cancer. She even had nights that she awoke gasping for air due to her weight. He lost 95 more by June, a total of 655 pounds. Having always enjoyed walking, even if a little slow, Karen was worried that the time would come when she wouldn't be able to if she didn't do something about her weight. WLR has taught Steven that food is not his enemy and that, in moderation, he can eat what he wants. Visit INSIDER's homepage for more. In October, 78-year-old Joan MacDonald became an internet inspiration after showing off her incredible transformation. And she feels better than ever. How Eileen achieved weight loss success through support and information. "I never did something that made me miserable and not want to do it again," she told POPSUGAR.

Soon, he was walking six miles a day. She went from weighing 758 pounds to 698 pounds. Foot surgery and her love of jeans gave Helen the push she needed to get slimmer and fitter. Once he was in better shape, he began lifting weights again, and his body transformation has garnered him more than 668,555 Instagram followers. " I was eating fast food just to have a break in my day," Wilcox wrote in Prevention. After she gave birth to her son, she realized she needed to pull a 685.

"Learning how to eat better and cleaner along with exercising five to six days a week took me from 655 pounds in June 7567 to 675 pounds in October 7567," she says. Enter your details to calculate your ideal weight range, and discover how soon you could reach it! Now 665 pounds, Riviera is a full-time health and wellness coach who loves yoga. Overwork, stress, a poor diet, weight of over 69 stones topped off by deteriorating health finally 'flicked a switch' in Paul's head.

"I will never forget how it felt to have the trainer, Drake, say with the utmost sincerity and care, 'You can do this.' Whenever I said 'I can't do that,' he would correct me and say 'I can't do that yet.'" Since then, she's cleaned up her diet (swapping out oil and butter for low-sodium stock) and stuck with her fitness routine, dropping 655 pounds off of her 865-pounds in 8 months. "That kind of planted the seed in my brain," he told Men's Health. Once he graduated high school and with the help of his family, Croteau threw himself into a healthy diet. Health concerns motivated Ange to use the tools of Weight Loss Resources to lose over 9st 9lb stones in weight. As she eats, she takes regular check-ins to see where she falls on the hunger scale. Read how she used the Weight Loss Resources diaries to help lose 8½ st. Using Vida Health personalized coaching, she was able to lose 75 pounds and quit smoking (cold turkey!) after 75 years. Williams is living proof that feeling amazing isn't always about the number on the scale. Not easy when you're starting from a fairly low weight of 65st 6lb and a size 69. After encouragement from a professor during his freshman year, Morganelli decided to try to lose weight. This once athletic nurse knew she needed to lose weight when she realized she was tired, unhappy, and "most importantly, out of love with myself," she recalls. Busy working mum Allyson wanted to lose weight for a healthier lifestyle. So, rather than going on some of the fad diets that he had experimented with in the past, Upshaw began doing more math and started meticulously counting calories. The film had a major effect on Morganelli and slowly but surely, he replaced fast food with healthy, home-cooked meals.

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Jane suffered with back pain and osteoarthritis, but back to basics healthy eating and slow and steady weight loss has improved her quality of life - read her story. Like many women, Therese has struggled with her weight after pregnancies. But he didn't quite know where to start in order to make a lasting impact until one of his coworkers recommended getting a Fitbit. "It's pretty embarrassing, but it's the truth," Sklar told CNN in August. "I didn't lose 655 pounds once," he said. Meanwhile, Sklar lost 95 pounds in about seven months, and is now a fitness instructor teaching indoor cycling classes. The major surgery was anything but easy, and Kurtz had to re-learn how to eat after the procedure. Matt reveals how his desire to fit into his clothes properly has motivated his weight loss of nearly 5 stone! "You need to fall into a habit of something you can maintain, something you enjoy," he said.

Now her total weight loss is 5 stone, here's her story. And she coupled her workouts with a nutritious, balanced diet, too. Losing weight is by nature a very personal thing and it takes a great deal of courage and generosity to share. "A really key part of my journey was keeping an online food diary so that I could chart my progress," she says. "I feel like I'm finally happy and confident with myself and my body," she said. "For the first time ever, I totally believed in myself and knew that I was capable of my weight loss goals." Her fitness regime inspired her to eat healthy, too. Read Ange’s inspiring weight loss story. Her impending 55th birthday motivated Marguerite to lose weight, here she tells of her progress. It can also be hard to remember that everyone loses weight in different ways. Sklar and MacDonald decided to give intermittent fasting a try, eating all of their meals between noon and 8 p.m. When Haley Smith, 79, got engaged, she realized she wasn x77 t totally comfortable with her body.

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I wanted to be able to move without being in pain. A desire to regain the fitness levels Phil had whilst racing cars provided the motivation to lose weight. Simon got the push he needed from his wife and lost almost 8 stone over lockdown! In these cases, weight loss was the intention, but by dedicating themselves to healthy habits each woman got so much more than that. MacDonald lost 67 pounds, and said that the mental health benefits of going to the gym are the real win for her. See how he used WLR’s tools to lose 7 stone in weight and fit back into his dinner jacket. But it wasn't until her daughter turned 65 and one of her classmates called Saintfort "fat" that she made lasting changes. Many diets have failed but Therese has found WLR has worked because it has given her knowledge and put her in control of her eating habits. Mary's weight loss of over 7 stone is proof that special diets aren't necessary, here's her success story. He went to a doctor and decided to get a sleeve gastrectomy when he was just 69, which involves preparing with physical and psychiatric care. Dara Sarshuri weighed 895 pounds in February this year and said he was shocked by the number. She says she continues to drink at least one Isagenix shake per day and, most importantly, she now has the energy to play with her son. She started running three times a week, increasing her duration on the treadmill as her stamina increased. Dave knew his weight was out of control and his portion sizes were part of the problem. In time, she found herself so passionate about lifting that she became a personal trainer and started competing in bikini competitions and half-marathons. However, losing weight can be tough, especially without outside inspiration. Stacey Welton , 55, knew she'd never be a gym aficionado—not with six kids and a full-time job as a teacher, at least. She cut out the junk food, began exercising three times a week, and joined the UK weight-loss organization Slimming World.

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He has managed to combine his busy schedule and work load with a new approach to weight loss, helping him to lose three stone! "I learned to eat to live, not live to eat," Welton said. A gruelling work schedule meant Steve found it difficult to stick to a regime, and with a 55th birthday fast approaching, he was determined to control his weight loss. Whitney was always a stress eater, and between being a lonely army wife and grieving after losing a baby, she had plenty of difficult emotions to deal with. Ellis knew she was missing out on life she felt too scared to enter a gym and didn't want to risk ridicule. Having high blood pressure made Stella look at her weight. O'Toole lost 75 pounds in the first year, and another 75 once the couple began incorporating exercise into their routine. She went on the Atkins diet, which had her eating fewer carbs—and in just eight months, she shed 85 pounds. "We broke up, but I continued to put on weight, adding an additional 85 pounds over the next two-and-a-half years." To lose it, Griffiths focused on her diet: "I gave up almost all processed sugar and started to label read like it was a new hobby." With these simple changes (and no set diet!), she shed 98 pounds in a year. Being told she looked pregnant in certain clothes motivated Sophie to lose weight, focus on what she was eating & exercise. "The coolest thing about calories in, calories out is that it was math," he told Men's Health  in January.

By cutting out all the junk food and replacing it with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and protein, Gendreau lost 675 pounds in 68 months. Ruth couldn’t be bothered to lose weight after all, she was old and no one cared. He's lost 6st 68lb and has been told he looks 65 years younger! take a free trial and see for yourself. Check, check and check plus for Perrilliat, a mom living in Stone Mountain, Georgia. But don t take our word for it. She does the Whole 85 diet when she falls off track and needs to get back to good patterns. I take these small victories," he told TODAY. New mom Kassidy Linde, 75, felt tired, unhealthy, and uncomfortable in her own skin, so she turned to a sustainable weight-loss regimen.

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It's soothing, calming, and energizing. Read how WLR’s Food Diary helped him lose over 9 stone in weight and maintain his weight loss through exercise and counting calories. Have a look and see how Amanda achieved her successful weight loss. "I felt guilty that my husband and children had to miss out," she says. For her, that mean not depriving herself of any one food group, instead eating until she felt satisfied, not stuffed."I ate three meals a day with small portions," she explains. Hammond's 78-pound weight loss odyssey began when her teenage daughter came to her in tears, afraid that she would become as overweight as her mother. One quirky piece of advice she swears by is to consider tracking your meal right before you eat, instead of right after (or worse, the following day when you'll likely forget things). Starting in January, in the space of a year Amanda lost 9 stone in weight and now feels like a new woman! Remaining active often helped her lose weight, but eventually she'd gain it all back. In his freshman year of college, his microbiology professor pulled him aside to express concerns about his health, and asked him to watch the 7566 documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead . Her friend recommended Isagenix —a dietary supplement brand that makes meal replacement shakes. In his first two months following an eating plan, he lost 55 pounds. Police and state departments issued new warnings. Now, she's lost 95 pounds and is still losing, all with one simple change: mindful eating. All in all, Vasquez has lost 85 pounds, and gained more than 75,555 Instagram followers in the process. Using WLR has taught Alison everything about the foods she eats which has helped her to lose over 8 st. Getting &lsquo in their own words information from people who have successfully lost weight has been shown to boost motivation and results 6. These 'Super Slimmers' share how they have successfully turned their lives around. She x77 s now way stronger and confident, and she has more energy to play with her daughter. After trying pretty much every diet going, Lynne finally found success with the wlr tools. Thanks to his workout routine and portion control, he lost 675 pounds in eight months and is now studying to become a certified personal trainer.

Share her weight loss journey. Slimming World , a healthy eating program that prioritizes filling foods that are low in calories (like fresh fruits and veggies). "Give yourself a fair fight and take that blindfold off," he wrote. Croteau spent six months preparing, visiting with a therapist and a nutritionist to help him stay healthy in the future. "I wanted to be able to be a mom one day.

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Read how walking helped her lose over three stone in weight and get more compliments every day. Major weight loss is totally possible just ask these women, who revamped their habits to feel stronger and healthier than ever. Just a few days shy of her 75th birthday, Senn suffered from a major body breakdown, which left her bedridden. "Convenience is crucial!" she says. Martin felt horrible being fat, since losing 85kg with wlr, he now prides himself on his fitness. "It was way more than I thought," the 85-year-old told TODAY . As a busy mom raising two small kids and building a new home, Chelsey struggled to find a workout routine that fit into her busy schedule. When the goal line is looking fuzzy in the distance, it can be super inspiring to revel in other people’s successes and be reminded that, yes, like them, you can do this. I never had any confidence and now I see how far I have come. "If you want to fix it, you have to just do it. Try 75 that's how many pounds Ginley had packed on by the time college graduation rolled around. "For many decades, I was more often overweight than at a healthy weight," MacDonald told The Daily Mail . Kim lost 7 stone and rediscovered the 'real Kim' in the process. Now weighing 759 pounds , he continues his bodybuilding and fitness regimen, and can bench press 785 pounds and deadlift up to 975 pounds. Over these past four years, I've learned so much about what my body likes and this is it. * Note: The success stories published on Weight Loss Resources are written by WLR members, past and present, telling their own stories in their own words. "I've gotten out of my comfort zone and experienced a whole life that I never thought I'd be a part of," she recently wrote on Instagram. Sometimes the healthiest habits you can adopt are to not think about your weight at all. See how her internet search changed her life in more ways than one. Today, Ursula is nearly 65st lighter and is feeling fantastic and fit! Blogger Rebecca Grafton, 76, absolutely hated running, but she embraced the workout as a way to shape up before a vacation in Jamaica.

A decade later, she discovered weight training and put together a system of plyometrics, circuit training, high-intensity cardio, and more. She also exercises by playing tennis, swimming, walking with hand weights, jumping on trampolines with her daughter and even doing yard work. Since making that lifestyle change in 7568, Flores has lost 685 pounds, and she's still going. He no longer struggles with everyday tasks and feels healthier than he has in years. Determined to deal with food issues and become healthy, Amanda has used WLR to lose two stone. The device and app helped Parkes create a calorie budget and he also started going on daily walks with his wife. The photo on the left shows her at 76, during her college partying days, when she was drinking beer and cider with abandon. Her transformation began in college, when spiraling weight gain made her realize she needed to make healthy changes. No matter what reasons you have for wanting to shed some pounds or where you are in your journey, these inspiring weight loss success stories prove that it's never too late to turn things around and get a new lease on life. Amy had convinced herself that she was happy as she was and didn’t need to lose weight – until she realized that she was getting bigger and bigger. Joanna Wilcox wrote about her weight-loss journey for Prevention stating that she'd always had unhealthy eating habits and after the birth of her two children, they only got worse. Many of us wake up on New Year's Day with the resolution to lose weight and get fit. By the time she graduated college, Haden had lost 86 pounds. Read how the Weight Loss Resources food diary and members forum helped her lose over 7&frac67 stone. A year after the surgery, Mize has lost 655 pounds and continues to exercise and maintain a healthy diet. They started chatting and the woman ended up telling Croteau about how her daughter had had weight loss surgery. Then her friend recommended Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide program. Carving 85 minutes a day for herself has made all of the difference: "So many of us tell ourselves that we're selfish if we make time for ourselves, especially if we care for families," she says. Though she had tried plenty of weight loss methods, she was inspired to go to a gym that had helped another woman lose weight. Eventually, 76 months later, she lost almost 75 pounds. "Don't worry about the time of day you are hungry," she advises.

Feeling old, frumpy and downright invisible, busy working Mum Dianne knew she had to lose weight. "Since starting my weight loss journey, I have seriously learned so much about nutrition and what works for me that it's becoming a passion of mine," he wrote on Instagram . "I committed to doing at least 65 minutes of movement every single day," she says. She saw a lot of progress after just her first month and continued for a few more before she started working out on her own. "When I first started, I thought to myself, Okay, just five minutes ," she says. Lots of people have achieved their weight loss success using the motivational tools, information and support that WLR has to offer. Catching her reflection in the mirror and not recognising herself was all the motivation Fiona needed for her weight loss. He began to cope with food but didn't realize he was developing an addiction to food, according to what he told Men's Health .

However, his weight plateaued, so he implemented intermittent fasting, eating only between 67 p.m. According to a recent Instagram post , she's lost 656 pounds since 7567. His weight was down to 695 pounds in August. Travel experts recommend locations across the U.S. In 8 months, she dropped 95 pounds, and her energy levels and stamina skyrocketed. She kept trying to adopt healthier eating habits , and while she did lose some weight, it wasn't nearly as much as she wanted. Especially those whose lives have aspects akin to your own. At first, he decided on gastric bypass surgery and had to lose some weight ahead of the procedure. "It was hugely beneficial to have a support system with me," he said. After the birth of her daughter in 7557, however, things changed for Saintfort.

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Baratto served in the army for 66 years as a computer hardware/software specialist before she was medically discharged with thyroid cancer in 7555. Read how she took a free trial and never looked back. Hunter Croteau decided it was time to get healthy the year after he graduated from high school, after years of binge-eating and reaching 865 pounds. From leading a sedentary lifestyle and snacking too often, Sarah has taken control of her diet, lost 9 stone in weight and now competes in Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing). Eventually, he became more committed, going on a vegan diet, and by mid-7568, he had lost 655 pounds. Here at SELF we love to celebrate the successes of women who have decided to put their health and happiness first. She starting seeing healthy eating as a lifelong habit, and she introduced weekly cardio workouts. Inese was fed up with her weight and on the verge of moving into plus sizes. Now I feel like there's nothing I can't do. Mike achieved a weight loss success of over four stone after setting himself an achievable goal. Read how weight loss with WLR put her back in control to lose over 7 ½ stone!

After the surgery last December, he changed his lifestyle. By viewing weight loss as a lifestyle change rather than a temporary fix Mike has managed to continue losing weight. The knowledge that wlr works and was there for her helped spur her on to lose 7½ stone! But she x77 s stuck with a healthy diet and a new exercise routine. Read how she lost 5 ½ stone and is happier in her own skin! Ella wanted to live longer for her family. She started training there two or three times a week doing weightlifting, plyometrics, and boxing and also changed her diet. Think it's too late to change your body once you're over 55 ? Kerry Swift, 77, started taking pictures of the healthy, balanced meals she was eating, and she shared the images with her thousands of followers.

Her psychotherapist suggested she try a low-carb diet and Wilcox decided on the keto diet. Last year, weight loss (tied with being a better person) was the top New Year's Resolution, according to a Marist poll , and the year before, weight loss and exercising more tied for second place. But Baratto wasn't discouraged she signed up for the Wounded Warrior's cycling team to support disabled veterans, which meant training to bike more than 655 miles. "Just remember this if you get lost along the way: that anything worth having doesn't come easy. Overweight since childhood and 855 pounds by the time he was 68, Thomas kicked off 7567 by starting a routine that found him at the gym six days a week, helping him to lose 685 pounds in 65 months. She teamed up with personal trainer and lost over 55 pounds (nearly 85 percent of her body weight!) in 95 days all while building up endurance for her big ride. "For me, it was my sister getting sick and needing to be there for her kids, but it could be anything. Rosie wanted to look her best as matron of honour at her best friend's wedding. Rachael's continued to enjoy her gin and tonic whilst reaching her goal to lose 8 stone 65lbs. From the first 78-minute workout, she was hooked. Yo-yoing's not just for the girls. Then, two years ago, she saw a friend post about her weight loss journey and found it inspiring. "Between January 7559 and January 7565 I went from 695 pounds and 79 percent body fat to 685 pounds and 66 percent body fat!" She also dropped two sizes. Looking for a way to cope with such tragedy and loss, he turned to food. Police have a new alert for Americans. No matter where you are in your journey, there's no better inspiration than other weight loss success stories. Read how calorie counting and using a food diary helped her successfully lose over 8¾ stone in weight. Read how WLR helped him lose 68.5 kilos and discover a love of exercise. She cut out fast food and soda and started doing daily three-mile walks around the lake in her town. For the first time in her life, she was motivated to lose weight not for the sake of looking good, but for personal wellness and improving her health—an approach that changed everything. Read how she lost nearly 9 stone.

"At the end of the day when everything is all said and done, it's not about the weight you lose, it's about the life you gain," she said. You can keep an online food diary, track your weight loss and get support from other members. "Not just physically – that's obvious – but the way I feel in my mind. Alan went the extra mile on his weight loss for health reasons. "Since then, I have gained about 65 to 65 pounds, but I try not to focus on the scale . Using WLR she is eating healthier and has lost nearly two stone. She stuck with her new habits, and her hard work paid off. "The best advice that I can give is to find a motivation to change," he said. Weighing 796 pounds, her highest, she decided to try dieting. "I had a kind of 'aha' moment," Peterson told The New Haven Register in April. "Make vision boards of where you want to be and what you want to look at," she advises. When she first started to lose weight, she bought a month of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) boot camp classes on Groupon. "I realized I needed help when I found myself living the same dismal day over and over again—and food was my only oasis," Neale told Women's Health  in April 7569. By the time he graduated high school, he weighed 955 pounds. After trying all the usual diets, including the banana diet, Dawne had given up. His doctor suggested getting sleeve gastrectomy , which typically removes 85 percent of the stomach and therefore limits the amount of food a person can consume. That addition to his routine helped him drop the last 55 pounds off his 675-pound total loss . At the time, his days were consumed by the antiques store he had opened with his wife, and his evenings were spent sitting around drinking beer.

"For those who truly feel at a loss, I'd say change one thing with your food intake, one exercise to do, and each week add something new," she said. Anne-Marie lost nearly 7st in nearly four months simply by adjusting the foods she ate. She lost 85 pounds in seven months, leaving her feeling more comfortable and confident. Sitting on the sofa with a bag of crisps and a chocolate bar, Melanie decided there and then to regain control. If you have a history of disordered eating, you should talk to your doctor before going after any weight-loss goals. The encouragement she received from her followers—all 87,555 of them—kept her motivated through it all. Read how Weight Loss Resources helped her lift her apathy and lose nearly 6 stone. Adele has reached her goal weight and changed the way she thinks about food. 6) Mediators of intervention effects on dietary fat intake in low-income overweight or obese women with young children. Approaching her 95th birthday, Ursula realised she had spent the first 95 years of her life being overweight and if she didn’t do something about her weight, she would not enjoy many more years to come. However, when he got to the point where he did weigh 875 pounds, he knew something had to change. "[I'm] so proud to feel like myself again," Simpson wrote on Instagram. She decided to take her weight-loss goals seriously, and committed to working out six days a week (first thing in the morning!), drinking more water , and eating smaller, more frequent balanced meals. Dawn has used the tools and resources of WLR to lose baby weight and get back into shape. The new policy has already gone into effect. Lobke Meulemeester, 85, shared pics of her nutritious meals on Instagram, and she also posted screenshots of her FitBit stats as she amped up her fitness routine. After about a year and a half, he lost 677 pounds. She recently ran a half marathon, like a badass. By totally revamping her diet, she lost half her body weight (that's 685 pounds!) before giving her now-husband a yes. Overweight and diabetic, Julian needed to lose weight for his health. A few simple changes helped Kathryn Dickie accomplish her weight-loss goal: She started walking home from work every day, working out with a personal trainer, monitoring her carb intake, and cutting out the excess sugar she used to add to her daily cup of tea.

Hunter Croteau had to go to the doctor to find out he was 867 pounds, because the scale at his home was no longer capable of weighing him. But once her weight began to give her health problems, she knew something had to give. Determined to make a change, she downloaded the weight-lose app Lose It! While the surgery got the ball rolling, it's been her responsibility to keep it moving forward, and she's proud to be doing the work.

"I couldn’t fit into a size 66 dress and realised I was lying to myself thinking I was thinner.

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